Lock/Unlock your workstation with your Android or iOS (coming soon...) smartphone.

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Install SmartUnlock on your workstation for free

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Windows Workstation


Install the app on your iOS or Android smartphone

Install SmartUnlock

Five steps to install SmartUnlock

  1. Install the SmartUnlock-app on your smartphone (requirement: Android or iOS)
  2. Install the SmartUnlock-setup on your workstation (minimum requirement: Windows Vista)
  3. After SmartUnlock has installed successfully on your system a QR-Code will display on your screen
  4. Scan this QR-Code with the SmartUnlock-app on your smartphone. This will link your workstation and your smartphone
  5. Enter the password for your workstation on your smartphone

Use SmartUnlock

There are two ways to use SmartUnlock

Is it secure?

Transparent and high security is one of the most important things about SmartUnlock. In short: we use a two-layer security system. The first layer comprises our SSL connection and the other is our RSA-based security system. In more detail: the workstation part of SmartUnlock creates a public RSA-Key and shares this key over the cloud through our secured SSL connection. The SmartUnlock-app uses this public key to encrypt your password and send it through the SSL connection to your workstation.